Meaning of Life 2

…Let us understand this word, ‘moksha’, liberation or freedom in greater depth…  The Vedic concept of liberation is not going to heaven as in many faiths and religions.  Honestly speaking, who really cares about what happens after one dies?  Do we not desire to be free here and now?  Do we not want to be rid of all sorrow while we live?  Do we not want to live full, meaningful lives without suffering a yoyo-like existence with continuous highs and lows?
Ask anyone, ‘Do you wish to be happy?’  The immediate response will be ‘Yes, of course’, in whatever language one speaks, in whichever part of the world one lives.  Moksha, liberation is what exactly for us?
You’ll read in many books, ‘Moksha is liberation from the cycle of birth and death.’  This is the typical dictionary definition!  But the problem is most folks don’t even know they are in a cycle, let alone think about death, which is a fact we all have to face one day.
So let us understand this ‘moksha’, this liberation, this freedom.  Freedom always implies freedom from something does it not – such as freedom from jail?  Therefore, the Vedas define moksha as the freedom from anything I don’t want, anything that makes me unhappy.  And if I examine life to some extent, what makes me unhappy?  It is that deep sense of lack, of inadequacy, of no self-acceptance.  Whatever I achieve, however much wealth, name and fame, even knowledge I possess, I am still left with a sense of incompleteness, a feeling of inadequacy.
Our Veda says these notions centred on ‘I’ are all erroneous….and moksha is in fact, freedom from this sense of lack, from the feeling of insecurity, from the notion of limitation.   The whole problem in life is that I take myself to be an limited, wanting, insecure individual, dependent on so many things, people, places, situations, for my happiness.  ‘If I have this, I will be happy.  If i get rid of that, I’ll be happy’.  This life of ‘becoming happy’ is what we call samsara, an incessant cycle of becoming.
The vision given in our Vedas is that you are already free!  You are already everything you wish to be!  You are the very meaning of fullness, completeness, limitless happiness.
What is it that you lack?  Nothing, absolutely nothing. Your nature is all joy, all peace, the truth of all existence.  Living your life is only for discovering this fact…

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